Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Oh Happy Day

I am officially on holidays!!!!  It is a wonderful day. 

Tomorrow is the start of a new weight loss competition and packing for my holidays with that in mind is a little different.  Instead of taking the 'summer off' or 'taking a much deserved break' I am going to take my time off of work to work on me.  No worries about looking for or paying a babysitter - I am going to work out without worries. 

This is the plan.  Hopefully it turns into reality.  I have a bag of workout clothes packed too. 

Wish me luck.  I will check in from time to time but am hoping to spend most of my time outside and nowhere near a computer. 

Good luck to all the other competitors.  I am a great support, just not on vacation but I am coming back soon. 

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Calling All Competitors

There is a new weight loss competition starting on July 1, 2010 for all those interested.  Do you need that little extra kick in the a%s to get motivated?  Looking for support?  Just tired of doing it alone?  Come on and join. 

There are some reasonable rules to follow.  Make sure you are in agreement before you sign up.  If you have any questions, just email Karilynn at

Come and check it out, would love to have you...

The top four weight loss competitors last competition lost over 150 pounds total.  That was divided up between four people. 

What's your excuse for not joining?

My Goals??

What do I want to accomplish.   A sustainable weight loss.  I would love to go in and totally blow everyone out of the water but realistically I want to feel better about myself for the long term.  That is why I am setting a realistic goal.  It is a eighteen week competition and a healthy weight loss is 1 to 2 pounds a week.  I am hoping to average out at a 1.5 pound a week loss.  That would be 27 pounds. 

Not my absolute total goal weight but an achievable one. 

I wouldn't have won the last competition with that loss but I should would feel better about being in my bathing suit this summer.  It is way easier to focus on small gains instead of a large amount. 

Come on everyone, keep me accountable.  Keep looking at my tracker at the bottom of my blog.

Oh, and one sad note, my Nike mini-me is going to a semi-retirement.  I am finding I am not using it enough on my actual runs to keep track.  So instead I am thinking of switching to my Garmin 305 for tracking purposes.  Probably a better bet anyway. 

Monday, June 28, 2010

Sh*t My Dad Says...

"Don’t focus on the one guy who hates you. You don’t go to the park and set your picnic down next to the only pile of dog shit." 

Friday, June 25, 2010


It's Friday, it's Friday. I am so glad its Friday. The weather is suppose to be nice and I don't have tonnes of things to do. Yahooo!!!

As long as I actually get in my long run on Sunday, I will be super duper happy.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Okay so how is buying someone crappy cake with waxy icing being nice to them?  I really hate office birthday cake.  It is kinda gross.  Guess what I got today? 

Thank you ever so much to the sweet and beautiful women I work with.  You are fabulous.  Please, next year, a fruit tray would be lovely.

Why do we think it is okay to celebrate with fatty foods?  Why can't we just let a day pass without having crap?  Anyone?

I ate half a piece.  I shouldn't have cause it really wasn't even that good.  I should have taken it back to my desk and threw it all away.  I felt bad cause people put the effort forward.  Me getting fatter isn't really a thanks.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Guess What Monday Is?

It's my birthday!!!  Tomorrow, I turn 32.  Wow.  Amazing.  I remember when 32 seemed old (like right now) and now it is the eve of my birthday.  A little older, not much wiser. 

This is a weird year for me.  I want to spill my guts to the blogging world but am feeling a need to keep somethings private right now (I know, so unlike me). 

My birthday plans include a nice long run, some Starbucks, a massage, a hair cut and sharing some cupcakes with my daughter.  Oh, and I have no plan to answer the phone all day or even look at my blackberry.

I love my birthday - happy birthday to me!!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fuke Yah

So one more day of work and I get a four day weekend!!!  After that, seven days of work (broken up conveniently with a weekend) and then 17 days off!!!!!

I am soooo excited. I am really trying to hide it so all my coworkers don't hate me for being so giddy. 

Bad thing about the day off, tonnes to do.  I have a friend coming over for dinner tonight and my parents coming for the weekend and my fridge is bare.  The only fresh fruit or veggies I have in my house is a watermelon, one pear that has seen better days and a quarter cup of snap peas.  Honestly, my house could be filthy and my parents wouldn't care.  Have no food in the fridge and I am accused of child abuse. 

I have a great remedy for this.  I have a list of groceries on the fridge.  If they think I need groceries...  What a great money saving idea.  lol.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. 

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Twas an Angry Weekend

So, one of the questions my masseuse asked me if I am angry at being a single parent.  I am angry at this.  She then asked if I let myself be angry.  I said no.  She said that maybe if I allowed myself to be angry sometimes it would help release some stress.  Wow, I don't think my masseuse had any idea what she was asking me to do.

Coincidentally, my baby daddy came to visit this weekend and lets just say the visit went less than stellar.  There was a lot of yelling, screaming and screaming.  A lot.  I kind of ripped into him for everything that has been bothering me for the last year or so.  It is more than a few issues. 

Not dealing in any of the faults of the baby daddy (I don't thing that is fair as he can't defend himself) I have been struggling with being a single mom.  A huge struggle.  Before my grandmother passed away, my parents used to help me out by taking my child for a week at a time.  This has not happened for six months.  Its been a long six months.  I have asked said baby daddy for some help and he did not step up in the way I thought he should and for that I let him have it.

It was not pretty.  Following me kicking him out of my house we continued with a text war.  Although I am not sure how were are going to find common ground to meet on this time (remember lots of issues).  That being said, I feel a tonne better for letting go of some of my anger.  I said a couple of things this weekend that I have been holding onto for a long time.  The release of it all is wonderful.  The knot in my shoulder has gone away and I feel calmer.  It is wonderful.  How can causing conflict make me feel better?  Weird.

What does everyone do to control their anger.  I am thinking this is something that I need to work on. 


Thanks Heidi for posting this on your facebook.  It gives me inspiration for the day.  I hope my beautiful friend's works can inspire everyone too.

Today I will courageously speak from my heart.
I will say no when I mean no.
I will say yes when I am delighted to do so, therefore never resenting my choice.
I will express my opinions choosing my words wisely, yet holding back nothing.
I am responsible for how I say things and not how others receive what I say, as at times it is human nature to read into what is being said rather than listening and taking what is said at face value and I have no control over another’s interpretations.
By speaking honestly I will be true to myself, which is being true to all others as we are all One.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Starting to Listen to the Universe

Do you ever get the feeling that the universe is trying to tell you something but you are just to stupid to shut up and listen?  In the past two days I have been sucker punched in the face by the message, the universe has not been subtle.

I have had monstrous knots in my neck and shoulder the past couple of weeks.  Pain that makes you cringe and wakes you up at night.  Well since I have health coverage through work and my doctor was nice enough to write a prescription for a massage on my last visit I though it would be stupid not to take advantage of a health care benefit I pay for.  I booked into a masseuse recommended by a friend and got in the same week (apparently not something that happens often because this masseur is so popular). 

So I got to my appointment and was looking at the price increase sign and saw that my masseur was also a life coach.  I had mixed feeling about this but felt, screw it, I am in the appointment now and its not like my neck could get that much worse with a massage.  (I am not sure if I believe in the whole life coach thing but have not looked into it that much to make an educated decision.)  We started the appointment with a q&a session about what was bothering me and my circumstances (diet, stress, etc).  She asked if I was okay with some reiki and pressure point massage, I said I didn't care (and honestly didn't as long as I felt better).  So I stripped down and got on the massage table. 

The massage was amazing.  She talked to me during the massage (not chatty, how is your day talk but asked life questions).  I am still contemplating some of what she said and am not willing to share all right now but I can say it worked.  She was awesome, I cried on the table.  She made the lump of muscle in my shoulder relax and I felt a zillion times better when I left.

She mentioned that I should try a liver cleanse.  I though meh, maybe, maybe not.  Later that same day I went to a fundraiser for my daughters daycare entered a draw for health food store gift certificate thinking that if I won, I would go purchase a liver cleanse.  Guess what?  I won!!!  (And I won like 6 prizes, totally cool.)

Today for lunch, I thought I would splurge and order Vietnamese food with everyone else in my office even though I packed a healthy salad.  Guess what?  They restaurant screwed up the order and while I was at Pilates, my office mates ate my delicious Pad Woon Sen noodles and deep fried spring roles (my plan was to eat it for lunch and supper.)   Instead I ate my super yummy salad which chicken breast and tonnes of vegetables. 

I have a need to make some changes in my life.  Changes for the better.  Changes to make me better.  Time to listen to the universe.  I need to learn that sometimes its better to breath and enjoy than hold your breath and wait for the other shoe to drop.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hello my name is Moi and I'm a Procrastinator

The past five days have been so off for me.  I totally forgot to weigh in for the final of the competition (congrats to all who made it through and our wonderful winners).  I didn't go to hot yoga (the regular instructor wasn't going to be there and her replacement is a little to new age hippy for me).  I have also been over eating by like 200 calories a day (but I have been diarizing everything I eat without cheating so I guess that counts for something). 

So I was also suppose to start my training for my half marathon this week.  The team I am going to San Francisco with provides us with a training schedule.  Since I don't know anyone in my area yet, I am training on my own.  I have been doing badly. 

Today, I stopped the crap and am heading in the correct direction. 

I went for a run at lunch today.  I was going to just go for a walk but then my ipod was all screwy and wouldn't play any music so I decided to run to make the trip faster.  It was weird running without music or a running mate.  Running without distraction was a different experience but one I think I will try again.  I kind of liked being able to hear the outside noise and other people. I thought I would lose motivation without something to keep me going but quite the opposite was true, I actually think I did better without it.  (although I am not sure as I didn't have my garmin watch with me and no Nike plus either).

Here is hoping my motivation lasts the week. 

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Too Good Not to Share

Fantastic Red Coconut Chicken Curry

1 can coconut milk

2 tbsp brown sugar

½ cup chicken broth

1 tsp red curry paste ( I use a tablespoon) but start with a teaspoon and adjust according to taste

2 tbsp fish sauce

2 cups grape tomatoes ( halved)

1 cup mushrooms

1 zucchini, chopped

1 orange pepper, diced or sliced

3 chicken breasts ( chopped up to bite sized pieces)

2 tbsp cornstarch mixed with 4 tbsp water

In saucepan or deep frying pan simmer first 6 ingredients for 8 minutes

Add chicken, peppers, mushrooms and zucchini. Cook for approx 12 minutes or until chicken is cooked

Add cornstarch mixture to pot until sauce thickens

Serve or jasmine rice, basmati rice, or brown rice spaghetti

Nutrition Facts

Serves 6

Serving Size: 1 1/4 cup

Amount per Serving

Calories 274

Total Fat 15.33g

Cholesterol 34.42mg

Sodium 598.7mg

Total Carbohydrate 19.02g

Protein 17.38g