Monday, April 18, 2011

New Job

I am very excited to announce that beginning next Tuesday, I will start my new job!!!  It is very exciting.  Although I am very sad to leave my old job (last day was Friday, lots of tears) I am super pumped for the new challenge that lies ahead of me.  Honestly, it is a lateral move from one arm of government to another but the new arm has kick ass benefits and greater room for advancement.

I have taken a week off to relax.  Well, that is what I first planned to do.  Now I am renovating.  I wish I had the money to just do it all at once but since I apparently like things complicated, I have renovated my bathroom (we are almost done) and then will have new laminate installed this week (with help from my fabulous dad and brother in law).  After that project is done we will build headers for the closets and paint any and all sefices we can find.  I wish I was stretching the truth, everything needs painting, ceilings, walls, doors, trim.  Oh well, once that is done it will be like we have a bran new upstairs.  (Yes, then we can get restarted on the main floor).  Oh the joys of renovating.

I should be packing moving things out of the way but am fixated on getting my new blackberry all set up.  As work will not be supplying me with a phone, I must figure this out by myself.  I am not doing too badly, all I need to do finally transfer my old contacts onto my new phone.  This is exponentially more difficult as I have no set up disks (a wonderful friend lent me his spare berry until the new iPhone comes out).

I will post pics of my renos when they are complete.