Sunday, December 21, 2008

Oh My, I Think I am a Grinch and a Bitch

I was reading all the updates on facebook when I came across this story about my sister-in-law twice removed. (We were both married to brothers who neither of us our with anymore.) I will let you read the story so you can form an unbiased opinion of the situation and then I will tell you my reaction.

(First you should know my ex-sister-in-law works three jobs and gets little to no financial support from her ex-husband. She is always mentioning to me how broke she is.)

So here I am not in the Christmas spirit, and had decided that I wasn't celebrating Christmas this year. Earlier this week, Kathy (my awesome Daycare lady), asked how my preparations for Christmas was coming. I said " I'm not doing Christmas this year cus I can't really afford it, and Chloë is young enough that she's not going to realize that she has missed one with me, and She has Grama's and Grampa's and Aunts and Uncles who are getting her things so she's not going to know if I don't get her anything."

So here is Friday and I'm not having a good day at work cus of supposed to be doing one thing but doing another (which i don't mind cus I"m helping out), and realize that i need to stay about 2 hours extra. So I call Darian and tell him he has to pic up Chloë from daycare, Call Kathy and tell her that I'm working late and that Darian will pick her up. A few minutes later Jim (my big boss) calls and tells me that I can't work late tonight that i have to go home. So I make sure ppl know what their doing and go. WELL Traffic was insane today, it took me about 45 mins to get from the airport to daycare, which normally takes me 7 mins.

When i get to daycare Nicole (my mini boss) is there (cus her kids go to daycare there too), and that's not out of the ordinary. But then Kathy asks me if I needed help this Christmas, and I say no I"m okay, I don't need the help, but thank you for the offer. She asked again. And I say no thank you. well she looks at me, and with that angry mom voice (which is kinda scary) Said "well too bad", and Jim (the big boss man) comes out of the kitchen and then I saw all the presents sitting on the table. Kathy said they were all for Chloë and me, and that at her jam last night had raised money for me, and that a lot of ppl donated gifts, and food, and gift cards for food, and I was crying and so was everyone else. (here I go crying again while writing this)

I just can't believe that she did all that in like 3 day's. Thank you everyone who helped out, all the little Elves who did the behind the scene things.Thank you Jim and Nicole for being awesome bosses, and being great to work for.And Thank you Kathy, for doing this for me and Chloë, and staying up till 4 am to wrap presents, and for being an amazing woman. Had you asked me to help out for someone else in need I totally would have. But I would have never expected something like this for me. *HUGS and Luvs*Merry Christmas everyone.

Okay, so my first thought is, why the fuck would you cancel your Christmas with a child who is not even two because you can't buy presents? I am grateful that my ex-sister-in-law got some needed relief at a stressful time in the year but please, are you trying to teach your child to worship store bought gifts??

For MJ, since I realize how much crap she is going to get from everyone, is not getting a Christmas present for me. I have bought her a Santa present but that is only cause we will be spending Christmas with my nephew who will notice if Santa doesn't bring MJ one. I bought her a couple of necessities (read underwear, toothpaste and a couple of snakes foods she likes) for her stalking and that is it. I also know not to expect anything from MJ for Christmas except for hug, kisses and a tantrum over not getting enough cookies.

For actual Christmas celebrations, we have made Christmas type crafts, baked cookies, and I am trying to teach her about the story of Jesus being born in a manger. (If anyone has help on the last one please let me know. Maybe I need to take her to a farm.) I stress to her what we are GIVING for Christmas and have told her repeatedly the only thing to EXPECT for Christmas is to spend time with family.

Am I wrong here... Do you cancel Christmas because you can't afford the presents?? Am I wrong in my Grinch like feelings? What does everyone out there think

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Okay, So I Am A Bitch

So I always knew I had bitchy moments, who doesn't. Even my most saintliest of friends (and I do have a few) say and/or do bitchy things once in a blue moon. I never considered myself the bitchy ex-wife though (okay so technically I was never married but we were together for 6 years and had a kid).

One of the ladies I work with is going through a tough patch right now. She and her new boyfriend both have kids with a person they have gotten a divorce from. Anywhoo, everyone was discussing how unreasonable her boyfriend's ex-wife was being. Everyone in the room was shocked and appalled at the behaviour of this women, they could not believe her demands and how she wanted to control the situation. I listen to the stories and though "fuck, she sounds like me!!" Now there are differences between the two situations, but the similarities were close enough.

I happened to mention this to the ladies discussing the situation how I thought maybe I was a bitch and one of the women said "you are one act I would hate to follow." Oops. I never thought I was that bad. Oh well. To tell you the truth, its not like I am going to change anytime soon. The ex is rather irresponsible and he has a lot of proving to do to me before I let him have unlimited parenting rights. (I could go on and on about the irresponsibility of my ex but really I just get angry talking about it.)

So, I guess I am a bitchy ex-wife. I will wear it as a badge of honour. I know this will probably make Tyler sad but I am a happier person for being an ex-wife. I got the best of my ex by getting MJ and am no longer constantly fighting with the one I am suppose to love and support.

Love the ever bitchy Moi

Monday, December 15, 2008

Goals Smoals

I am a little sad today. Well not sad so much as disappointed in myself. It is exactly three months since I have moved and things have not been going to my master plan (realizing that my master plan was a little unrealistic).

Goal I have not reached:

Be dating. By this time, I expected men in my new city to realize the wonderfulness that is me and be banging down my door in hopes to spend a few minutes with me. (OK so I have had a few people asked me out but no actual dates came about.)

Lose 20 pounds. Does gaining seven and losing six count? I really don’t care if its 10 days till Christmas, my weight loss is starting (AGAIN) today. One good thing about being slow at work for the holidays is that I can plan my point menu at work. I have up to Wednesday done.

Home renovations. Other than the few things my dad did when I first moved in, I have done nothing to improve the appearance of my home. I wanted to paint, put up new mouldings and interior doors, and maybe even decorate. As I look at my visa balance it may be a blessing in disguise that this task hasn’t been started.

Now don’t worry about me. I am not anywhere close to actually feeling too badly. These are all things that can be fixed. I can change my life to head towards my goals. Give me another three months and I could be dangerous!!


Friday, December 12, 2008

Hello Again

I am wondering how that someone who basically has no life outside of work is too busy to write on her blog... Well that is not entirely true, I have had some social action in my life as of late (no actual dates mind you) but nothing that exciting.

Other than all the fun the flu brings the only thing to note is my ex has spent the last week at my house. He came up last Sunday when I had the flu (it was awful horrible stuff) and in a moment of weakness I asked him to come and help. He did and I do appreciate it but now he won't be going home till this Sunday and living with someone is driving my fucking crazy!!! He is only staying to take care of MJ so I can go to my Christmas party tomorrow night but I kinda want him gone. The reason he is here so long is that first I was sick, then MJ was sick, then he got sick and now its Friday and we agreed he would watch the kidlette tomorrow so I cannot really ask him to drive 2.5 hours back to where he lives just to turn around and drive back for tomorrow. (I would like to report that there has been no sex between me and the ex, a fact that I am proud of, he asked about it but that is always a bad road to go down.)

Well that is it for now. I will give a better post once he leaves and report on my party tomorrow and my potential dating action!!