Tuesday, January 25, 2011

When to Feel Good?

Friday, January 21, 2011

Obesity: The Number One Health Issue

It’s that time of year when everyone has made a promise to eat clean and healthy for the next 365 days. It’s now mid-January, about 15 days into your resolution and are you still on track? I know I have slipped off and hauled my butt back on a couple of times.  Don’t fall off that slow moving wagon – yes, it’s a slog, the road is bumpy, the results are slow and it takes monumental effort to hang on – but your body and mind will thank you.

A recent survey by CBC, released earlier this month found that the number one health issue affecting Canadians is obesity. The CBC launched a website to help Canadians become healthier.  That is right, a media site to help you achieve your health goals.  That seem strange to me.  That is odd that media would concentrate on the health of its clients.  They are not health care workers - they are reporters.  I have nothing against reporters, they are wonderful people, but omg, we are that fat that we have to have media talking non-stop about why we should lose weight.

Look around you and you don’t need a survey to tell you that we, as a nation, are getting heavier and heavier. What’s scarier than these findings however, it that that majority of Canadians believe they are living a healthy lifestyle and believe their generation is healthier than the previous one! An odd statement given that most agree that our youth today will be the first generation likely to die before their parents due to complications from being overweight. Canadian health is in a crisis…so hang onto that wagon…don’t fall off and resolve to keep living clean and healthy.
So what are you doing to stay on track? Have you built in some accountability to your exercise routine – like working out with a buddy? I have scheduled my workouts and am actually sticking to them (so far). And what about your fridge? Are you buying lots of fruits and veggies? Not only will all those vitamins and fibre help your waistline, they will chase away the winter blues. When I get get home from grocery shopping I always cut up my veggies so they are ready to munch on. Having everything cut up makes short work of getting in those extra servings of veggies. And it sure beats grabbing for those carbs which will do your waistline not an inch of good.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Need to Move

I need to get off my couch and move my ass.  I have no motivation to do anything lately, it is ridiculous.  The two mornings last week I woke up early to do my 30 day shred, my daughter got up too and cried inconsolably.  It doesn't help it is freezing cold out.  I can only bring myself to do hot yoga.  Tonight I have hot yoga.  Tomorrow I will get up and take my wonderful rambunctious dog for a run.  I will stop this self defeating cycle of sitting on my ass snacking the night away. 

My masters class is sucking out all my energy.  It is taking way more effort than I anticipated.  I am keeping my head above water which is good.  I am keeping on top of things and have made a calendar to map out the upcoming semester.  It is going to be hard but I am going to persevere. 

I need to move to relieve some stress.  I am going put together a exercise schedule an stick to it.  (As you can tell I am a little list oriented.)  This will work. I will ensure I have enough energy to follow through on my goals.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Unexpected Kick in the Ass

Last week I experienced an unexpected and uplifting kick in the ass. About a month ago I received a less than stellar performance review at work. I have approximately three direct supervisors at work but the big boss must sign off on all reviews. Without getting into too many details, I did not receive the outcome I thought I deserved and voiced my option on it. I felt the system was unfair as top marks were frowned upon (you can always do better) and that others in my company did not put in the effort or commitment I do and received more favorable reviews. I was so displeased that my review was not amended that I began to search out other employment opportunities.

Well, one of my supervisors (who did not take part in the review) sat me down to talk about my work and my displeasure in my performance review. (Side note: this boss is a very powerful and feared man. He is smart, well educated and I respect him immensely.) He told me point blank that I should not compare myself to anyone else, and that the reason I did not receive a high scoring was due to my own performance. He went on to say that even though I do outperform most of my coworkers, compared to what he knows that I can accomplish, I have been lagging. He told me that he believes I can do anything I set my mind to and that I need to decide exactly what I want to do. Basically my performance does not meet the high expectations I have set for myself due to previous performances. He did not mean it as an insult but as a compliment. (Trust me if he wasn’t happy with my performance I would not be working where I am.)

I took what he said to heart. I have not been living up to my potential. At times in life I just float through. I do the bare minimum to get by and do not give it all that I have. This is true about many things. I don’t know why I do it but I do. It is one of my character flaws I guess. Maybe it comes from knowing that everything can’t be perfect all the time so I let it slide, problem is that too many things are sliding. I need to prioritize more effectively. My life will not become detrimentally worse if I do not watch Teen Mom 2 or eat whatever I want; it will however get worse if I continue to let my weight climb or let my finance run out of control.

I commit from this point forward to do more for my family and me and less for the little things. If it doesn’t help us, then I don’t need to participate.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2011 Goals

A lot of blogger have been putting down their goals for the new year.  I have read a few lists that have inspired me. I was truly inspired by Mindy's post and did a lot of nodding when I was reading it. 

Here are my goals for 2011

I will reconnect with God.  This has been on my mind a lot lately.  Honestly, I don't really know where to start.  I would really like to join a church but don't know how to do that.  If anyone can help me or give me reassurances on this front I would appreciate it.

I will be a more patient mom.  My child is my world but I need to learn to enjoy her more and learn that everything doesn't always have to be perfect.

I will work on my relationship with my boyfriend and hopefully make him my husband this year.  One of the stipulation of getting back together was that we will go into counselling to help us become a better couple and to get married.

I will extend my friends network.  I have become an introvert somehow.  I need to expand my social network beyond befriending new people on facebook.

I will run three 10k races and at least one half marathon.  I have a heavy course load and a big commitment in the fall so I am keeping this goal smaller than I would like.

I will lose 50 pounds.  I have a menu plan set out and am working on a workout schedule.  I will keep my commitment to stay on track.  I will post my menu plan in a couple of days.

I will work hard towards obtaining my masters in human resources.  No more slacking cause it is easy.  I don't mean to brag but I am pretty good at scholastic (read, I am a geek) and sometimes rest on my laurels.  If I actually apply myself I learn more and want to do better.

I will make a budget that pays down debt and increases savings.  I acknowledge that I probably will not get out of debt this year due to going back to school but I would love to be more secure and not live off credit for the last week of the month.

I would love to hear your feedback and/or suggestions.