Saturday, August 29, 2009

So I Am a Bit Political

For those who don't know me, I am a bit of a political person. I have a degree in political science and have always wanted to work in government. When I first finished university, I always thought I wanted to work on the bureaucracy side, focusing on policy development. Now I am a card carrying member of the best political party in North America (the only reason I don't say the world is that I am not fully aware of the political parties world wide, but I would put money that after months of research, I would still think the it rocks).

Anywho, there is a byelection coming up in our province and with that I have been asked to help out campaigning. I have never done any campaigning before in my life and was really nervous. Now I am helping organize volunteers, working the phones and have even when out door knocking. I love it. It is engaging, challenging and completely enthralling. I can't wait till the general election to do more.

For those out there who believe in a party would urge you to do what they can to help out. Donate money, donate your time, go out and vote. If you believe that the people you support would make the world a better place, help them do that. It is a rewarding experience. I thought it would be a chore, something I did out of obligation, but its not, it is something I want to do. My thought is that if people don't, what are we left with.


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What Makes Me a Horrible Person

There are many things that make me a horrible person (momentarily, I know on the whole I am a good person). I just finished a book that just reading makes me a bad person, even more so that I laughed at the book, like laugh out loud.
I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell is a horrible book by a terrible person. He gets drunk, makes fun of people and degrades women. It makes me laugh.
Please do not buy this book and support this person but if you want a chuckle, go to his website and read the stories for free. My all time favorite is the Austin Story.
I am a bad person at times but at least I am not as bad as Tucker Max.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I Really Don't Like Tuesdays

Now most people dread Mondays, not me, Tuesdays get me. Mondays are crazy busy and I make it through the day, am well planned for lunch and supper from being off of work for two days. Tuesdays are still busy but there are usually lows in the day that zap my energy. I can go go all day as long as it is go go. When there are slow times, my energy dips.

Wednesday is a new day, Wednesdays are always better. I am looking forward for to better.


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Back From Holidays

Off the road again, I am finally off the road again. Been fantastic places and visited wonderful friends but I am ecstatic to be off the road again (sung to the melody of the Willie Nelson song).

I am back from a fantastic holiday. A week long holiday that involved lots of driving. A trip that was over 2,000 kilometers of driving. After all of that driving I am crowing myself the road trip queen. I avoided accidents (stupid boys with their trucks), only had one pee-pee car seat accident (MJ's not mine), got myself unstuck from 3 inches of mud, and had minimal car temper tantrums (for both MJ and me).

I had a great time and did a tonne of stuff. I got to visit my sisters, meet my new niece (so beautiful), visited some wonderful friends, died my hair, picked berries for an infomercial (random I know), went to the zoo, went to a beach party in 10 degree weather, and had a tonne of fun.

The only bad part about my trip was I left my blow drier at my sisters. Oh well, I always forget something. For the amount I travel I should be better at packing but I am not, something to strive for in the future.

Back to real life. I need to go to some laundry.


Sunday, August 2, 2009

What Has Happened

I stepped onto the scale today (something I have not done in about three weeks) and was astonished. In one month I have gained 10 pounds. Frigggg. Thinking about it, I am not surprised at all. When you eat total crap for a month and don't exercise what do you expect would happen? I am disgusted with myself that I allowed my debauchery to go this far. I could blame it on the new birth control I am taking but really, I know better. I am accepting total and complete blame.

My plan you ask, today, just like any good addict, I plan to hit bottom before climbing my way out of my weight gain hole... Today, I am going to the Ex. My plan was to go today and I seriously don't know how you go the Ex without enjoying the deliciously disgusting for you treats. Okay, I realize that is not the most forward way of thinking, but that is what I am doing.

That is my plan for now. Monday is a holiday so I will spend the morning planning a healthy menu and part of the afternoon grocery shopping. MJ's dad is going to be here this week as I have a HUGE project going on at work with meetings almost every night so he is here to help out parenting. This will help as I can go for an actual outdoor run in the mornings (okay, it may start out as more of a walk) to help me get started.

This is the biggest weight gain since Christmas. I hate it when this shit happens. I feel bloated and gross. Why oh why do I let this happen? Not that it matters, nothing to do now but but look forward - again.